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  • Volunteer Opportunities | Valens Solutions

    Volunteering with Valens Solutions Valens Solutions and IC-Dayton utilize volunteers from time to time, and opportunities vary. While there is no set volunteer schedule, we are always looking for people with the following experience to be available as needs arise: Administrative Assistant Paralegal Multi-lingual individuals - those interested in functioning as a Community Navigator or offering translation services with Immigrant Connection - Dayton Organizational skills to assist with sorting and categorizing donations Occasional drivers to deliver goods to client homes If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you. Thank you! Phone 937.247.5083 Email First Name Last Name Email Volunteer Area of Interest Message Send Thanks for submitting!

  • Our "Why" | Valens Solutions

    About VS Our Inspiration Valens Harhirwa was born in the Country of Rwanda in 1972. Valens lived a peaceful life with his family until war and genocide in 1990, forever changing his life. His family lost everything, his father was imprisoned and as the eldest sibling at 18 years old, Valens was tasked as caretaker. Valens protected and supported his family during the war in circumstances that would be unthinkable to most living in the United States, frequently facing extreme dangers and death. Valens married his beautiful wife, Aimee, in 2005 and soon thereafter had a son, Constant. Aimee and Constant were able to flee Rwanda to the United States in 2009 and once in the US, they applied for asylum. ​ In the time after Aimee and Constant found safety in the U.S., Valens received a job with the United Nations where he investigated war crimes in Rwanda. He developed a passion for conducting investigations. Once asylum was granted to Aimee and Constant, Valens was able to join them in the U.S. and not too long after, Aimee gave birth to another son, Tony. To make a living in the U.S., Valens worked as an interpreter often providing interpretation for hospitalized patients who spoke French, Kinyarwanda, or Swahili. Having a desire to make a better life for his family, and to pursue his passion, Valens studied Criminal Justice at Miami University and obtained his B.S. in Criminal Justice in 2015. While attending Miami he completed an internship with the Miamisburg Police Department, where he and Tom Thompson (founder of Valens Solutions) became fast friends. ​ Although Valens was a skilled investigator, multilingual, and held a bachelor’s degree from a prestigious American university, he was unable to find employment with enough compensation to support his family. In search of more opportunity, Valens and Aimee relocated to Toledo, OH, where Valens graduated with a Master of Law degree in 2016, successfully completing 36 hours in just two semesters! Even after obtaining his Master of Law degree in such an impressive way, he was only able to secure shift work at a meat processing factory, making pennies more than minimum wage. Through relationships he had acquired in the Dayton, Ohio area, he was able to pursue his dream of becoming a community servant and investigator by attending the Greene County Law Enforcement Academy in the fall of 2017. While attending the police academy, Valens worked the metal detector in the emergency department of an area hospital, and was well on his way to becoming a state of Ohio, certified, law enforcement officer and was so thankful that he would be able to support his family while doing work he felt passion for and called to. He was full of hope for their future. In May of 2018 Valens was preparing for graduation from the police academy and had to complete one final physical fitness assessment on his last day as a student. After successfully finishing his final run, he collapsed and suffered a fatal heart attack, ending his tireless, courageous journey and leaving his young sons and wife. His story is one of immense faith, courage in the face of overwhelming obstacles and countless barriers. His sudden, unexpected passing at such a young age was devastating to everyone who knew and loved him. ​ Upon Valens’ death, his Green County Police Academy class, Kettering Health Network, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and School, among many others in the community stepped in to embrace Aimee, Constant and Tony. A home was secured for them, as well as a job for Aimee to ensure she could afford adequate housing and other essentials she and her young sons would need. In addition to the necessities, Immaculate Conception School generously welcomed Constant and Tony as students. Through this precious family’s tragic loss, the community really showed up and connected them to meaningful resources they would need in order to move forward. Most importantly, they were surrounded by love and support. It was very special to observe but disheartening that it took a tragedy for many to pay attention. ​ Sadly, Valens’ story is the rule, not the exception, for most people who are resettled in America. When they fled certain prosecution and possible imprisonment, or even death, to come to the United States, he and Aimee dreamed of the future their children would have in a safe country where the tribes they were born into would not define them or prevent them from achieving a productive, successful life. Valens worked extremely hard to educate himself and he humbly and gratefully accepted any job he could acquire to put food on the table for his family. Despite his courageous efforts, cultural challenges made the road to achieving the future he dreamed of almost impossible. ​ In the case of Valens and his family, love stepped in. Members of the community connected Valens to the academy and equitable employment. After his untimely passing, the community connected Aimee and their young sons to housing, employment, and education. It was deeply moving to witness human beings simply recognizing essential needs of other human beings and navigating them through and to available resources that would help them move forward, even in the faces of grief, cultural barriers, and uncertainty. There were no handouts, no gifts; just people connecting hard-working, educated, and precious people to resources that would help sustain a respectable quality of life. ​ Thousands of human beings in the Dayton, Ohio community face the same barriers and challenges Valens and his family faced. Poverty, cultural competency, English as a second language, and education are roadblocks that are too often impossible to overcome without other compassionate, intentional human beings taking notice and being willing to step into another person’s story to help them achieve their greatest potential and most fulfilling lives. In memory of Valens Harhirwa, our precious, brave, inspirational, and loving friend, and the millions other marginalized, overlooked and dismissed, who have walke d or are walking a similar journey, Valens Solutions commits to being intentional and advocating for underserved and vulnerable populations. We will work courageously, as Valens would, to overcome obstacles and barriers and connect our clients to resources necessary to succeed and realize full, productive, and healthy lives, and we commit to speak up when inequities and injustice arise. With this mission, we hope to build relationships that cross cultural boundaries and last a lifetime. Afterall, love is universal and knows no language. ​ We will always love you, Valens. Thank you for the eternal impression you made on our lives. In your memory, we will advocate for your brothers and sisters who are in pursuit of the life you prayed for and dreamed of. Until we meet again, you have all our respect, love and gratitude. ​ Tom & Tiffany

  • Make a Referral | Valens Solutions

    Client Referral Form Please follow the prompts in the form below to refer a client for assistance. Full Name of Person or Organization Making the Referral: Email of Person or Organization Making the Referral: Telephone Number of Person or Organization Making the Referral: Full Name of Client Being Referred: Address of Client Being Referred: Telephone Number of Client Being Referred: Client's Primary Language Details of the Referral: Please include immediate concerns, client's situation, background, family size, and detailed description of client's needs: Pertinent Documents (as applicable) Add Document Submit Referral Your referral has been submitted. We will reach out to you soon. Thank you! An error occurred. Please try again.

  • Meet the VS Team | Valens Solutions

    Tom Thompson Founder Tom co-founded Valens Solutions with his wife Tiffany in 2019. Based on personal experiences with underserved populations, Tom and Tiffany saw the need to walk alongside their refugee and immigrant neighbors to improve their health and wellness through resources such as safe, clean housing, employment, education, access to quality health care, food and legal assistance. In their professional lives they have also experienced and understand the need for providing support for individuals from all minority populations entering the fields of professional Law Enforcement and Nursing, which is an additional special focus of Valens Solutions. Tom serves as the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety at Sinclair Community College. Previously he served as the Network Executive Director of Police for a large health network in the Dayton, Ohio area, and as Assistant City Manager of a city in southern Ohio. He previously retired as the Assistant Chief of Police of the Miamisburg Police Department in Ohio. He is a speaker and consultant with Law Enforcement Action Partnerships, a workplace violence consultant with KLA Risk Management, and an adjunct professor with Sinclair Community College where he teaches classes in two state of Ohio prisons. Tom serves on the Welcome Dayton Committee, the Advisory Board of the Dayton Equity Center, the Board of Heroic Deeds, the Macedonia Community Development Corporation Board, and he is a Silver lifetime member of the NAACP. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force. Tom obtained his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Chapman University and a master’s degree in public administration from Wright State University. He has begun pursuing a doctorate degree in criminal justice at Liberty University. ​ Tom and Tiffany have been married for 34 years. They have three children and eight grandchildren. Dr. Tiffany Thompson Executive Director Tiffany co-founded Valens Solutions with her husband Tom in 2019 and now serves as the Executive Director. Based on personal and professional experiences with underserved populations, specifically refugee and immigrant communities, Tiffany and Tom saw the need to walk alongside their neighbors to improve their health and wellness through resources such as safe, clean housing, employment, education, access to quality health care, food and legal assistance. In their professional lives they have also experienced and understand the need for providing support for individuals from all minority populations entering the fields of professional Law Enforcement and Nursing, which is an additional special focus of Valens Solutions. Dr. Thompson leads the executive operations of Valens Solutions, and also works as a healthcare consultant with hospital leadership teams across the nation. She is an adjunct professor of nursing at Xavier University and Sinclair College. Previously, she served in various nursing leadership roles within a large health network in the Dayton, Ohio area. She is a certified professional coach and public speaker with the John Maxwell Team. Doctorally prepared in executive leadership in population health, she is passionate about equitable, quality healthcare and access for impoverished and underserved populations and is committed to doing necessary work to diversify the nursing workforce through tangible support for minority men and women entering the nursing field. Tiffany obtained her initial nursing degree at Kettering College, a Master of Nursing in Leadership and Management at Western Governors University and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Xavier University. Tiffany leads the Health & Wellness Ministry at Chosen Church in Dayton, Ohio, and is a member of Women in Christian Leadership and Welcome Dayton where she serves on the Health and Human Services Committee. Tiffany has been married to Tom for 34 years. They have three children, three children "in-love" and eight precious grandchildren who are the joy of her life. Our Amazing Community Navigators Photos and bios coming soon! Laurent Nzajyibwami Community Navigator Eliana Rauch Community Navigator Charles Ruhimbka Community Navigator

  • Donate | Valens Solutions

    DONATIONS ACCEPTED ESSENTIAL HOUSEHOLD GOODS: Sheets Blankets Bedding Towels Dishes Kitchen ware Eating utensils Pots/pans Small appliances Large appliances (please contact us to find out what is needed at that time . We do not have room to store large items) ​ ESSENTIAL PERSONAL CARE ITEMS: Body Soap Shampoo/Conditioner Toothpaste Toothbrushes Toilet paper Paper towels Feminine products Diapers/Wipes Coats Gloves Hats Socks Shoes ​ NONPERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS: Beans Rice Cereals Oatmeal Grains for baking Canned goods (vegetables, fruits, soup/broth, beans, meat) Peanut butter Jelly Oils/spices Baby food Pasta Pasta sauce ​

  • FAQs | Valens Solutions

    Frequently Asked Questions This page shares answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have questions that are not answered here, please reach out to us! We would love to share more information with you. Send a Message Question What does Valens Solutions do? Answer We provide comprehensive, holistic case management services to assist refugee and immigrant individuals and families in crisis, with urgent needs, and with life management skills. We meet people where they are and work to meet their needs to encourage and foster growth and sustain independence. This may mean assistance with access to education, job skills, employment, health care, food, housing, and more. Question How does the case management work? Answer We employ Community Navigators who conduct comprehensive, culturally competent assessments of an individual's or family's needs and we work with our Navigators to provide for immediate urgent needs, then connect our clients to resources that assist them in achieving improved quality of life and sustainment such as ongoing medical care, education, and employment. Question Do you only help refugees and immigrants? Answer Valens Solutions exists to serve refugee and immigrant populations in our community who are struggling to become productive, independent citizens of their communities. Question Do you provide assistance to undocumented people who are in America illegally? Answer We are not equipped to provide services to those who are living in America, undocumented. However, if any individual is in immediate danger or in need of emergent medical care, we will do all we can to help them achieve safety. When undocumented individuals contact us, we refer them to immigration attorneys and legal services that can help them file the appropriate paperwork to begin the legal immigration process. Question Do you provide cash assistance to individuals or families in need? Answer No. We do not provide cash assistance however, when identified through assessment, we work hard to address emergent needs in tangible ways to provide for food, shelter and safety of our clients. Our goal is to provide case management services that connect clients to resources that encourage and support independence. Question Are donations to Valens Solutions tax-deductible? Answer Yes, Valens Solutions, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Question How are donations to Valens Solutions utilized? Answer Donations are used to provide for emergent needs for families and/or individuals in crisis. Funds collected are also utilized to provide safe office space to meet with clients, and to pay our Community Navigators who provide meaningful assessment and case management services. Contact Valens Solutions First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thank you for reaching out to us. We will be in touch with you soon. Contact

  • Home | Valens Solutions | Refugee Settlement Case Management and Support| Dayton, OH

    Our Mission Adding value to underserved refugee and immigrant individuals and families by confronting inequities, removing barriers, breaking the chains of poverty, and helping them realize their fullest potential. ​ Valens Solutions, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving greater Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas. The App Facilitating Pathways to Prosperity Helping refugee and documented immigrant families successfully acclimate and achieve independence in America. When they thrive, we all thrive Learn More What we do What We Do Check out our FAQs Valens Solutions exists to assist refugees and documented immigrants with integration in America, addressing critical needs so they may achieve a healthy, independent, and productive life. We strive to ensure that fundamental needs are met. Without a solid foundation, progress for these vulnerable individuals and families cannot be sustained. ​ Conduct individualized, comprehensive, culturally competent assessments to effectively address and determine solutions for Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), such as food insecurity, unsafe housing, illiteracy, poverty, transportation challenges, and barriers to healthcare access. We train individuals from local refugee/immigrant communities to serve as Valens Solutions Community Navigators, who function as case managers - they are essential to identifying the critical needs of the clients we serve. Provide critical education to clients: Parenting in the United States, Laws and Legal Responsibilities in America, Domestic Violence , Food Safety, Substance Abuse, Responding to Police, and more. Advocate for equity and justice by providing guidance and resources for our clients in legal and civil matters, often working with the court system to successfully collaborate with our clients and achieve optimal outcomes. Serve as a bridge between school systems and immigrant students and their parents and/or families to enhance engagement, increase understanding, and promote social and academic success. Provide education to public and private organizations on cultural competence, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and overcoming cultural and language barriers. Guiding Principles Our Guiding Principles The values that drive our passion Courage Strength to keep moving forward in the face of adversity. Equity Fighting for fair and just outcomes. Respect Believing every human life is valuable. Empathy Embracing each person's unique background and life experiences. Collaboration Working with others to empower the community. Integrity Doing the right thing; never looking away. Advocacy Being a voice for the unheard and unseen. How We Do It Investing in people, one relationship at a time... We meet people where they are and strive to care for their most critical needs in that moment... Then, by employing Community Navigators who function in a role similar to case managers, we provide meaningful, culturally competent assessments to identify wrap-around services and support necessary to help individuals and/or families successfully integrate into their communities. Led by experts in the areas of government, health care, the criminal justice system and legal services, emphasis is placed on securing food and safe housing, access to medical care and essential legal services, and ultimately the achievement of education and gainful employment. Donate None of this work is possible without you! Your support makes the difference! Thank you for your generosity! Your gift literally transforms lives and communities in very meaningful, tangible ways, and has the power to positively impact generations to come. We are thankful for yo u! Give Contact Valens Solutions First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thank you for reaching out to us. We will be in touch with you soon. Contact

  • Request Assistance | Valens Solutions

    Assistance Request Form : First Name Last Name Email Detailed Explanation of Need: Phone Number Street Address City Postal / Zip code Street Address Line 2 Region/State/Province Country Country Send We will review your information and get back to you soon. Thank you!

  • IC Dayton | Valens Solutions

    Immigrant Connection - Dayton Valens Solutions, Inc. , assists all underserved and impoverished populations, including U.S. refugee and immigrant citizens. We are grateful to offer Immigrant Connection - Dayton to these clients, bringing high-quality, low-cost legal immigration services to the Dayton, Ohio area. Your IC - Dayton Team Our Immigrant Connection Dayton team consists of passionate, talented, educated professionals and volunteers who are excited to meet you and assist with your needs. Tamie Bertke Department of Justice Accredited Representative Eliana Rauch Department of Justice Accredited representative Rachel Zagorski Legal Assistant Steve Saltar Site Director For more information, visit IC-Dayton @

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    Contact Valens Solutions First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thank you for reaching out to us. We will be in touch with you soon.

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